For the most part our kids are grown and gone from the nest.  There are five of them and all are married and all but one has family of their own.  We are scattered coast to coast so beware one of us could be living close by. 
We are transplants living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We are both originally from the South. Even though we miss friends and family that still live in the South we found the Pacific Northwest to be a great place to raise a family. You will find that family is our priority.
The Northwest is beautiful and the pictures of the mountain, Mt. Pilchuck, you see on several of the web pages are pictures taken various times of the year from the front porch of the home we built.  Yes, we kind of live out in the back woods a bit and love it.  Our home and acreage continue to be a project while providing us a challenge and a means to stay active while we continue to develop our talents and skills.
Tom has an engineering degree and has worked in engineering and management.  He continues to work as a manufacturing engineer.  For years as a hobby he has poked around with computers.  The first family computer was an Apple IIe in the early 1980's and we have been heavy into computers ever since.  Gwen has a degree in education and taught school for a while.  She used to have her own business teaching children ages 4-12 years old how to properly use computers and software.  She has a disability and currently works from home on her homebased businesses.
It was the practicality of a computer genealogy program that really opened up the the world of Family History research for us.  Making the move to IBM compatible computers and the Internet itself has truly expanded our ability to tap the world's resources in our family research quest.  If we have anything in common with you in our Family History pursuits, email us because we would like to know.  Enjoy our site and come back often to check out what's new and what seems to be happening with our family. 
Tom Chapo Sr.
Gwen Chapo